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General Psychotherapy

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What is Outcome Informed Psychotherapy Treatment?

We know that psychotherapy works for a great number of emotional problems (reference). Research that summarizes the effectiveness of psychotherapy indicates that people who seek psychotherapy are about 80% more likely to feel better than people who are not involved in psychotherapy. In addition, this emotional improvement is clinically meaningful which means it has a significant impact on a person’s life and tends to last long after treatment is completed.

In Outcome Informed Therapy, we take measures of treatment progress (how you are feeling) and how you feel about the treatment (treatment alliance). These measurements are very simple and only take a couple of minutes to fill out on a web-based device like a tablet. We will use these measures to guide our treatment for your individual need. These measures also show us when treatment is not progressing so that we can make adjustments to treatment to make sure you feel better sooner.

Use of Outcome Informed Therapy means you will feel better sooner and we don’t waste your time or money pursuing a treatment direction that does not improve your situation.

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How Does Psychotherapy Help?

Psychotherapy addresses the particular problem you are facing. Psychologists have been studying psychotherapy effectiveness for over 40 years and thousands of studies have been completed on this subject.

Using meta-analysis (a statistical procedure that allows the researcher to average the results across many studies) shows that people who are treated with psychotherapy about 80% of people improve compared to those who are not in treatment.

The effectiveness of psychotherapy is as strong as many of the more successful medical treatments. Indeed, psychotherapy offers you an effective way to address your emotional struggles and help is only an email or phone call away.

Link for more information on effectiveness of psychological treatments:

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